Website Packages

From: $65.00 / month


Option 1: Maintenance Package

Our on-going website maintenance package helps keep your website running smoothly. If something goes wrong, Letford Media is here to resolve any issues that may arise. Utilizing monthly preventative measures, ongoing upgrades, and maintenance will improve your visitor experience as well as give you peace of mind that your site is functioning correctly, securely, and protected from hackers and viruses.

What Is Included In This Package?

  • WordPress Version Updates – Keep your WordPress version up to date and reduce the risk of security issues.
  • Plug-in updates
  • Malware & unwanted user protection
  • Monthly Back-ups of the WordPress Database, site content, files, and design
  • Website restoration that may be due to unforeseen circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is not included in this package

This package does not include the following:

  • Additional/New page designs or implementation
  • Additional/New newsletter designs or implementation
  • Logo update or creation
  • Additional/New website development
  • Website content updates
  • Imagery creation
  • Third-party software license purchase or renewals*

Do you offer 24/7 technical support?

Our regular support hours are 9AM – 6PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. However, upon an emergency situation**, we will address your issue.

Can you restore the website from a backup of yesterday's version?

Backups are taken on a regular basis, especially before any software updates are made. However, a backup may be up to two weeks old and not include the most recent content changes.

What does Letford Media do if my website is hacked?

Letford Media continuously monitors customer websites using ongoing security scans. Common issues are also manually checked whenever relevant.

Unfortunately, even with proactive monitoring, no one can catch every security issue. In the event a security issue does occur, our goal is to respond immediately within business hours. Valid security concerns are of the highest priority over any and all development work, company-wide.

What happens if my WordPress plugin is no longer supported?

The plugin is still monitored for issues as before. It is highly recommended to find a replacement as soon as possible. Vulnerabilities are frequently found and exploited on outdated plugins, as well as software conflicts with other newer plugins (or the WordPress platform) on the website. We will do our best to find an alternative to the unsupported plugin in order to keep your website safe and functioning properly.*

What if an update breaks my website? Does it cost extra to fix?

Letford Media will initially troubleshoot the issue. Our goal in this case is to either resolve the plugin issue or find a suitable replacement*. If the issue cannot be resolved, the site is immediately rolled-back to the backup state taken prior to performing the update. The methods for this vary in some cases (due primarily to e-commerce functionalities, if present). From there, you’ll be notified of the issue.

The majority of issues are addressed free of cost. If an additional cost is required, Letford Media will notify you before charging anything to your account.

What if Letford Media didn't develop my WordPress website?

If you already have a WordPress website, then welcome! Your On-going Website Maintenance will start out with a thorough evaluation. You will receive a list of our recommendations for improving your palette of plug-ins and correcting errors, bugs, inefficiencies, and potential problems. We will recommend which services may suit you best, and complete any changes you want.

What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel your subscription at any time either by logging into your account on the Letford Media website or via email to Letford Media reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time for any reason without any prior knowledge and will do so in writing by electronic mail and/or postal letter to the client.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds will not be given for any cancellations on monthly packages.

If a yearly package is cancelled, Letford Media will refund a prorated amount equivalent to sum of months in which services have not been rendered.  For example: If a yearly Maintenance Package is purchased in January and cancelled in February, the prorated refund amount would include March through December.

Option 2: Content Management Package

Letford Media provides content and maintenance update services for existing websites. Are you having trouble finding the time to keep up with constant updates? Do you need general editing and maintenance on your website? Even if your website was designed by another developer, our Content Management Package is right for you! In addition to all of the services offered in our Maintenance Package, the Content Management Package the following items:

What Is Included In This Package

Plus Three Hours/Month Of The Following Services:

  • Page text updates
  • Imagery creation/updates
  • Newsletter updates
  • Page layout changes
  • Functionality changes
  • Email accounts maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is not included in this package?

This package does not include the following:

  • Logo update or creation
  • Additional/New website development

What happens if I go over 3 hours of work for the month?

If the amount of requested website updates exceed 3 hours of work for the month, a discounted hourly rate of $65/hour (normally $75/hour) will be charged for each additional hour of work.

Is there anything else that I should be aware of?

Please be mindful that some updates take longer than others.  Creating completely new pages with new/additional functionality will take more time than making simple content changes.  We will do our best to stay within the allotted time frame, however complicated coding and design work may exceed this time.

* The purchase or renewal of any third-party software licenses will be charged back to the client.  If the client has purchased any software license on their own, Letford Media will need access to download software updates from the third-party vendor during the life of the license.

** Emergency situations include website or emails down or hacked, etc.